* Red and Gold General Mickeys (Sold in Pairs or Individually)

$ 3,000.00

The General Mickey from both the Red and the Gold Armies. These statues are in an edition of ten as single units, but can be sold here as a pair with a sizable discount.  These Mickeys' debut appearance was in 2011, at the Oceanside Museum of Contemporary Art in Oceanside, California. They were an anchoring installation at the Looking East, Facing West exhibition.

NOTE: They are terracotta with automobile paint applied to the surface. They all have some "antiquing" where the paint has chipped and the terracotta shows through. That is not easily seen in the pictures, but is part of their character.  All statues are unique in this effect. No two statues have the same markings.

They are approximately 18" tall and 6" wide. 

Edition numbers in both colors are between 6/10 and 10/10.

Red and Gold individually are $1800 each, and the Red and Gold as a set are $3000. You can find both options in the drop-down menu above.  

Orders placed by December 10th will have guaranteed delivery by Dec 22, 2014.