Lizabeth Eva Rossof

Through her art practice, Lizabeth Eva Rossof examines the dissemination of personal, political, economic, and sexual power and freedom in the digital age. As an interventionist and provocateur, Rossof challenges societal and commercial norms. Her art is research based, the fabrication of which is regularly outsourced to the very industries they are critiquing. She has exhibited in Berlin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, New York, Oaxaca, Osaka, Aspen, and at the National Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow. Rossof has been the recipient of many academic awards including the Thomas J. Watson Award and the Jacob K. Javits Award, as well as several artist honors including The San Francisco Art Commission’s Murphy Award, C5’s Gran Prix at ISEA, and Takashi Murakami’s GEISAI Miami. She has completed residencies at Montalvo Center for the Arts and Anderson Ranch Arts Center, and has been awarded residencies at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, and CAMAC: Centre des Artes Marnay in France. She lives and works in San Francisco.


Xi'an-American Warriors

Lizabeth playfully explores the concerns of American media’s global influence, and China’s industry of counterfeiting the copyrighted properties held by said media in her presentation of  Xi'an-America Warriors.  The soldiers are authentic in their composition and detail. To insure that no detail would be overlooked, and that her army would be made of the same earth as the original statues, Rossof hired a Terracotta Warrior replicator Xi'an, China to manufacture the pieces .  Distinct from the warriors of the First Emperor of Qin, discovered in 1974 by farmers in Xi’an, China, the members of Lizabeth’s Army have had their heads replaced with those of notable cartoon and comic book characters from American popular culture.

For a limited time her Xi'an-American Warriors can be purchased here online

Lizabeth in the studio in Xian, China


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