Xi'an-American Warriors, by Lizabeth Eva Rossof

Xi'an-American Warriors

In Xi'an-American Warriors, Lizabeth Eva Rossof explores the dominance of globalized American media at the intersection of China’s robust industries that replicate copyrighted properties. Distinct from the Xi’an warriors of First Emperor Qin (200 BCE), members of Lizabeth’s Army have had their heads replaced with those of notable cartoon and comic book characters from American popular culture.

To insure that no detail would be overlooked and that Xi'an-American Warriors would be made of the same earth as the original statues, Rossof worked with a Terracotta Warrior replica studio in Xi'an. The playful figures on this site are all that remain from the current lot, and are now available for purchase online.

Lizabeth Eva Rossof's Xi'an-American Warriors first debut with Charlie James Gallery in Los Angels in 2010.